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We are located in Eugene, Oregon and provide real estate services in Eugene, Springfield, Junction City, Pleasantville, Dexter, and throughout the Southern Willamette Valley, in Oregon.

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Are you from out of town and you only have a short time to look at homes? That is not a problem. Give us a call and we find out what you want and line up several homes for you to see.

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Looking for investment properties? Or to sell your home quick? We can help.

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We would rather prefer to hear your voice and answer your questions over the phone, and work quickly to solve your problem.

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Again, the best way to contact us is to call us on the phone by calling 541-510-6674.


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Lynne Gately

Lynne Gately

Real Estate Broker


4710 Village Plaza Loop, Suite 200
Eugene, Oregon 97401
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(541) 510-6674

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